Temple Time in Kyoto

Eek I forgot to blog about our 10th day in Japan! BACK TRACK IT UP!

On this slightly overcast day, we JR train trekked’ it over to the beautiful traditional sites of Kyoto! Robyn and I took in the breathtaking views at Kiyomizu-dera, one of Japan’s most famous temples. I’ve visited this site on my 2007 trip and it was my favorite! Here we drank therapeutic water, looked at charms, and touched various god statues hoping our wishes and prayers would be answered. We walked around the souvenir-shop filled streets of Higashiyama district and ate street eats a plenty! At night we headed back to Osaka to enjoy the thriving nightlife in Dotonburi. I came across the best 200yen UFO catcher where I came home with a new alpaca friend

Kyoto Trekkin'

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Kickin’ It in Kobe

We said farewell to our friend Robyn who headed out for Shanghai. My & I met up with new friend Akira to show us around the beautiful town of Kobe. Afterwards we headed back to Osaka for an excellent ramen dinner where you sit in individual cubicles so you can concentrate on the noodles. Intense eating! After we hit up Don Quixote till the late hours of the night with all the drunkards. I witnessed my first Japanese brawl. There was absolutely no yelling or cursing. All I saw was a guy picking up a bike to fling at another dude. I ran like a chicken back into the store when the fight resolved quickly. The only remnants left were a few pieces of trash in the street. Even when fighting, the Japanese were polite and quiet.
Sexy Local

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Happy Asian Day!


Cue all asians bowing respectfully.

Hi, we’re asian and we like to highlight asian stereotypes! It’s so fun it’s AMASIAN! hahahaha!

We were super excited to celebrate Lunar New Year again at Disneyland! We wanted to make it a full-on Asian day by starting off with delicious dim sum for breakfast! Grabbed some vietnamese sandwiches for us to snack on later at the park. And of course we all wore red and/or dragons to be lucky! Sadly, not everyone got the memo…*stares at White Stephanie*

Mushu Conga Line!
Let the asian-ness begin! *GOOOONNNNNG*


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My deer friends

A beautiful day was spent frolicking with the wild deer in the peaceful city of Nara. We paid a visit to the largest buddha statue at the Todaiji Temple. Then we cut our sightseeing day a bit short to check out a multi-story shopping mall called Hep Five. I blame Robyn’s obsession with Liz Lisa for discovering this place. It is the combination of Shibuya 109 + popular department stores + cheap yen shops with an entertainment floor & ferris wheel to boot! Wahhhhh!!

Nara Deer Park
Hanging out with deer is an essential step to becoming a Disney Princess…


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Chilly Chillin’ Disney Times

On Martin Luther King Jr Day, southern California experienced a small taste of “winter” as the temperature dropped to 50°F *gasp!* Our Californian temperature-sensitive bodies persevered through a great deal of shivering as we frolicked around the park. In return, we were rewarded with a lot of magical Disney memories. Soo worth it :D

We're a cute pair
I can’t get over how cute we are…<3


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Oh Oh Osaka~~

I realized I never finished posting about my Japan 2011 adventures! Continuing on! We are now in Osaka with a full day to explore! The day was a bit dreary and overcast thanks to the recent tsunami passing by. We ate delicious udon with all the business men starting their workday.

Crabby Crab Legs!


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I’m wild like an ANIMAL!

hahaha maybe wild as a soft fluffy domesticated animal like a bunny… :P


I love these Muppet tops from Forever 21 :D

Animal Rockstar
my hair has been behaving too…I’ve been loving it as of late :) my hairdresser recently bleached out more of the purple so my pink could be refreshed and well..BRIGHTER :D you probably can’t tell, but I can :P

Animal Rockstar


Have a fantastic Friday my babies! Looking forward to theme park(s) fun and more this week!

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It’s a Double Galaxy!

Forget about the double rainbow hype! It’s all about double galaxies! and CATS!

Princess Space Cats

I got super spaced out on the day of my Super Cute Detox Sale at JapanLA! It was a BLAST and out of this world! People were lined up at 10am with paper bags to get first dibs on our kawaii goodies! We couldn’t believe it! Jamie and I were crossing our fingers that people would show up.  It was possible to open up a new store with the amount of stuff we had for sale. Jamie was definitely my match when it comes to accumulating cute stuff. We marked our prices down insanely low as well! Huge deals all around! The entire day was super busy. I think there was maybe 5 minutes of quiet down time. Everyone was so thrilled & thankful to take our stuff home. It was hard to let go of a lot of this stuff, but we were assured they’re going to new appreciative homes. Passing along the cute karma :) Perhaps I’ll host another sale before I officially move down to LA! It was way fun you guys! Super thanks to all the new & familiar faces who came out! And Bebe for helping us out!


Please HYPE it if you like it! Click for details on my outfit :D

I made a lotta cash monies that day! Baller!

Super Cute Detox Sale


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Super Cute Detox (Yard) Sale!!


My beautiful folks of LA, JapanLA owner, Jamie, and I have cleaned out our closets and joined our kawaii hoarding forces to have the ultimate yard sale at JapanLA!!! Please come out this Saturday 11am-8pm, we’ll be selling our NEW & slightly used clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, toys, phone charms/keychains, and purses!

Expect to see brands such as Hello Kitty, tokidoki, Disney & Tokyo Disney, Japan Fashion Brands, Gloomy Bear, Kid Robot, Betsey Johnson, Jeffrey Campbell, Tarina Tarantino, and lots of hand-made goods from independent vendors such as I’m Your Present, Garden Party Clothing, Cicely Margo, Purrr LA

Art prints by Miss Kika, ZambiCandy, Tokyo BunnieMr. Toast Tron print!

I’ve marked my clothes prices down to $1, $5, $6, and $8 with exception custom party dresses!! Craziness!


These are just some of my phone charms/keychains that I’m selling. 95% are brand new, because I’m a hoarder like that. A lot are from Japan and Tokyo Disneyland! Ahhhh!


The Grilled Cheese Truck will be there from 12pm-2pm to fuel your shopping needs!

Please bring CASH only for yard sale items! The store will be open for regular business and will accept credit card on store items.

  • RSVP on Facebook! Hope to see you there!

I kinda pulled my back de-bulking my closets so I hope you come and buy my stuff! It was psychologically jarring for me to part with a lot of this stuff since I’ve already gone through my closets with the prior Sparkle Sale! But I’ve gotta get rid of as much as I can for my move later this year. Sorry to those who aren’t able to come because you live on the other side of the world. Just move to LA already!!

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Japan Day 8: Typhoon Trekkin’

Our week long stay in Tokyo was coming to an end as we spent the first half of the day wandering around Harajuku. Little did we know a typhoon was brewing in Japan as we packed our bags to head down to Osaka! We caught a glimpse of the news showing footage of extreme flooding and damage from fallen trees in various areas of Japan. At most we had experienced slight dampness making our transport a bit inconvenient with our heavy luggage. It was a bitch of a 10 minute walk from the hotel to the JR station pulling 100lbs with both arms carrying bags AND an umbrella -_-

I <3 Shibuya


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There’s a snake in my boot!

Happy Holidays everyone! I know its past Christmas, but I am still in the spirit! I didn’t have much of a Christmas this year since my relatives skipped town to galavant in Vegas and I was stuck working through Christmas with a minor cold T_T

Toy Story x Bossini Collection

I wanted to share the best Christmas gifts my amazing aunts got for me this year…clothes from the Toy Story for Bossini fashion line!  I posted this link on Facebook to which my Aunt Jade misinterpreted my comment, “excuse me while I pass out and die” as a dislike towards the collection. However my Aunt Jasmine corrected her and clarified that it meant I really loved it! Oh family :D And now I have almost the entire collection (minus the alien dress & shoe clips T_T) in my hands! I am forever grateful for these women in my life!…and not because they bought me stuff! :P
if anyone is able to get me this dress, CONTACT ME PLEASE!

I wore this outfit out to see Toy Story on Ice with my girls in LA. BEST NIGHT EVER. We were way too emotionally involved and entertained by EVERYTHING. There was much laughter, yelps, and even a bit of crying. I <3 Toy Story soooo much! Disney on Ice shows were a huge highlight in my childhood. I remember being 12 rows away from the ice to see Aladdin on Ice. Oh man I felt so lucky! My parents would always buy me the big felt cutouts that were glued to a giant stick as my souvenir from each ice show. It was quite nostalgic and special for me to experience this with my girls :)

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Old School in the Orient

A day spent at the Asakusa temple! Here you can get your fortune, shop for traditional souvenirs, and eat lots of fun food on a stick and delicious ice cream in an array of flavors! I sure ate my worth of battered dough goodies! I also got a bad fortune which I sent away. Boo! Also took a quick trip to the Shibuya Disney Store in the morning. Imagine 3 floors of Disney goodness that’s different from the theme parks! Later we returned to Shibuya for some more shopping at yup…Shibuya 109, dinner at Mos Burger, and more purikura times! And ate some chicken fingers with a variety of sauces such as curry powder, lemon juice, and chocolate sauce!
Bad Fortune Be Gone
Bad Fortune Be Gone!

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A fine evening with Kitty

The Beverly Hills Maison 140 Hotel opened its doors to specials guests to experience an exquisite night of tiny foods, fancy cocktails, and a sneak preview of the new Hello Kitty Beauty Collection – Noir. Our childhood dreams came true in a more mature, sleek manner as we got to experience the first ever Hello Kitty Hotel Suite designed by Sephora.

Sephora Hello Kitty Noir Hotel Suite

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Get Kawaii with Maqaroon

Street fashion culture gets kawaii-fied with illustrator Joanna Zhou of Maqaroon. She celebrates various styles of fashion with her adorable art.

Techno Bunny * Bro Squirrel * Psychobilly Koala * Wall Street Bull

Check out her site where you can purchase prints, postcards, and stickers!

She has different sets of themes such as I <3 USA, Harajuku Zoo, Lolita Circus, So Euro.

My personal favorite is  Hip to be Bear!

And hey, this tacky fashionista looks quite familiar :D

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Alpaca Fever

Japan really has a way of making me love things I never thought I would love. Take brown, neutral colored clothing for example. My closet which was once foreign to earth tones now welcomes it with an open embrace.  Same goes for alpacas. There’s just something so appealing about those weird furry creatures. I think its the blush. Yeah, that’s it. It adds a nice feminine touch.

Fortunately Liz needed to fill her void for alpaca love as well and found this online shop: Arpakasso Online Shop that sells nothing but alpaca goodies! And so it begins…

Alpaca Love
Big guy and little guy…That giant alpaca was my defining moment as an excellent claw machine player. I won that sucker after only 2 tries for 400yen! From that moment on I knew I needed an alpaca army. I got a mini version to match. The white one houses a tissue box. It’s huge!

Neon Alpacas
Neon rainbow alpacasssssss!!! I mean hello! How could I not?!

Good ole’ country sweet alpacas! There was a fourth but I dunno where he ran off to!
Country Sweet Alpacas!

Oh Japan, why you do?

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The best looking band

I’m a sucker for nice, good looking guys who also happen to be musically talented :) Say hello to Bonnie Dune.
Bonnie Dune @ The Roxy
On the night of October 23, 2011 Bonnie Dune played to a sold-out show at The Roxy.


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TBN Revisited

It’s been a while since we last visited TBN so a visit was overdue! This time we included Bebe on the experience. The place was decked out for the holidays :D


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UniqueLA Holiday 2011

On Saturday we hit up one of my favorite shopping events, UniqueLA! I make it out every time they have an event. There are always a wonderful selection of assorted vendors selling handmade goods! It’s a fun atmosphere with delicious food, free drinks, fun photo booth by Oh Snap Studios, and good jams! It’s nice to discover new independent companies. I left with more than I wanted to spend. But it’s ok because I’m supporting local companies no?
UniqueLA Holiday 2011

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The Sherlock Holmes Journey

I started my December with a huge dose of Robert Downey Jr ala Sherlock Holmes! I attended a live taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live which featured Robert Downey Jr. as his guest (aired December 15, 2011) and was also treated to the dreamy hot teacher from GLEE, Matthew Morrison and a fellow Vietnamese, MaggieQ (aired December 1st, 2011)  :D Good show I must say! Maybe you saw my hair in the audience?


I’m holding out for a hero. The hottest hero. I love Bebe for giving me this sign!
Holding out for a Hero

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Happy Harajuku Holiday

This day was full of farewells, festivals, and fun! We graciously gave our money to the arcade playing the claw machines. Then it was a quick stop to Shibuya 109 again.(yes again; but seriously where’s my full day of uninterrupted shopping? too many intermissions!) Witnessed spirited groups of people taking over the streets carrying shrines while chanting and singing. Hopped over to Harajuku to visit the super crowded Takeshita doori. And ended the night in Roppongi to watch the best trans-sexual show, Roppongi Kingyo!
Purikura Pretties


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