Sample Sales Loot

The world of sample sales is very competitive and scary. I ventured to downtown LA today with Stephanie & Armen to check out the Wildfox Couture sample sale. Little did I know that it was THE DAY that several brands opened their showrooms for sample sales! I witnessed women scheming and running up the stairs with their suitcases and shopper carts. So intense! I was not ready for this! But I did manage to score a few good finds!

My outfit for the day…
(Dress-mmts in OPA Osaka; Stockings-topshop; Necklace-cicelymargo; Shoes-80%20; Ring-bodyline in harajuku)


My sample sale goodies!

$15 Tuxedo Bodysuit from Wildfox Couture
Wildfox Couture Tuxedo Bodysuit

Sequinned Heart Poncho from Wildfox Couture…My very first poncho!
Wild Fox Couture Heart Poncho

$20 Polkadot Romper from Motel
Motel Polkadot Romper

Strolled into Tarina Tarantino showroom and got myself a nice ring for $20 :D I have a white one, so this turquoise would make a lovely addition to my collection!
Tarina Tarantino Ring

Ahh! It’s my hurr!

And my goodies from the Forever 21 x Hello Kitty Collection! I like brown now thanks to my recent trip in Japan. hahaha!
Forever21xHello Kitty Knit Dress
Forever21xHello Kitty Blouse
Forever21xHello Kitty Cardigan

We walked through the rough streets of downtown. No worries, we looked pretty intimidating in our black clothing, purple cat dress and all. Don’t mess with us!
“Every time you don’t shank, you gotta thank” -Stephanie; lyrical rap poet

Creeper be watchin’ yo car!

Reached Little Tokyo to eat some delicious noodles!

Now I am off to see Bring It On: The Musical! Oh Yes, based off the competitive girl-attitude cheerleading movie trilogy series that starred Kirsten Dunst. It’s gonna be goooooddd!

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Facebook comments:

  • looooo

    I’m only commenting so I can have a Jorma as my icon.

    Jk. I want to say I’m down with that tuxedo bodysuit. Thumbs up.

    • stephiee

      its a very good icon!

  • Anonymous

    yey outfit post! :D Everything is so cute. I really love the purple dress!! Thats kinda like the style I want to make for you. SOMEDAY when I’m not lazy…

    Also whereeeee in Little Tokyo did you get those noodles? That looks SO good!

    • stephiee

      its in the same plaza as orochon….chin ma ya or something lol


  • Yume Ninja-Sovereign

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! TUXEDOBODYSUIT!!! <3

    • stephiee


  • Caitlin

    Hahahah that really does look exactly like your hair, it’s eerie!

    • stephiee

      except this hair has the pink that i want T_T damn u fuchsia!



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