It’s a Double Galaxy!

Forget about the double rainbow hype! It’s all about double galaxies! and CATS!

Princess Space Cats

I got super spaced out on the day of my Super Cute Detox Sale at JapanLA! It was a BLAST and out of this world! People were lined up at 10am with paper bags to get first dibs on our kawaii goodies! We couldn’t believe it! Jamie and I were crossing our fingers that people would show up.  It was possible to open up a new store with the amount of stuff we had for sale. Jamie was definitely my match when it comes to accumulating cute stuff. We marked our prices down insanely low as well! Huge deals all around! The entire day was super busy. I think there was maybe 5 minutes of quiet down time. Everyone was so thrilled & thankful to take our stuff home. It was hard to let go of a lot of this stuff, but we were assured they’re going to new appreciative homes. Passing along the cute karma :) Perhaps I’ll host another sale before I officially move down to LA! It was way fun you guys! Super thanks to all the new & familiar faces who came out! And Bebe for helping us out!


Please HYPE it if you like it! Click for details on my outfit :D

I made a lotta cash monies that day! Baller!

Super Cute Detox Sale


I was definitely having a slight anxiety attack from the chaos of our cute clutter. After a few hours, we managed to get a pretty sweet setup. We looked at the couch filled with plushies in disbelief. This was too much! This stuff barely touches the surface of what we still have at home :P
Super Cute Detox Sale

It felt like a swarm! People everywhere buying!
Super Cute Detox Sale
Super Cute Detox Sale

Cass showed up with her new Black Milk purchases! Whaaa galaxy leg buddies!
Super Cute Detox Sale

Can you ever overdose on space? No.

Super Crazy Spae Cats

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  • L.Figment

    I neeeeed those leggings. Black Milk has so much awesome galaxy stuff, if only I could afford it ;__;

    • stephiee

      well save up! because the quality is totally worth the price! i am in love with them! despite wearing spandex, they’re really quite flattering :D

    • stephiee

      yanno save up for it because it is worth every penny! GORGEOUS galaxies!

  • Sophtoph59

    I was there with u :)

    • stephiee

      aww thanks for posting the photo! it was really nice to meet you! thanks for coming out to the sale! hopefully i’ll do another one sometime this year :D <3

    • stephiee

      man i replied weeks ago, guess it never went through…It was so great to meet you! Glad you came out and thanks for posting the picture!! :D

  • Natalie Mulford

    If you can overdose on space, I think it would be a pretty awesome was to OD! I think I would have gone crazy buying stuff, lucky I live oceans away! It’s a good idea though, I have a LOT of stuff I need to declutter.

    • stephiee

      yeah we felt so much better after having our detox sale…i’m still left with a huge bag of stuff…but that’s better compared to having 12 bags of junk :D

  • Amber Renee Amick

    Ummmmmm…. after I was recommended to follow you via twitter (gr) I saw your icon and we need to make a space cat dolly beast print and shirt for reals.



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